(The Standard) Cindy Yeung’s fondest memory from her internship was a mention on TripAdvisor. “She mentioned my name and said that I gave her a happy moment,” said the third-year student of Swiss Hotel Management School.
She remembered that the British woman was not having a good experience in the Dubai hotel.
“She was very disappointed with the hotel services,” said Yeung. “She had to wait for a room for a long time, the instructions were not clear and the facilities were under maintenance.”
Yeung helped the woman join a safari tour, which she found enjoyable and praised Yeung for her hospitality.

Overseas Education | Lisa Kao 16 Oct 2018

“She even wrote that ‘without Cindy, I believe this would have been an awful experience in Dubai,'” said Yeung.

“I was so surprised that I could rescue a guest from a really bad experience to an unforgettable moment in the hotel.”

Having a six-month internship at a Dubai hotel front desk as a guest service assistant defined Yeung’s vision about hotel operations and helped her obtain practical experience.

“I have a clear understanding of the operations in a front office, and know how to work with people and guests in the department,” she said.

She will be graduating from school soon but did not spent all three years there. She spent two years obtaining an associate degree in hospitality management in Hong Kong.

She said the associate degree taught her basic knowledge of the industry, while the SHMS focus was on critical thinking.

“The course shows how you apply knowledge from lectures to projects and assignments. And examples are from hotels all around the world,” said Yeung.


Thinking back to the time she was a graduate in associate degree, she said: “My overall GPA for my associate degree is 3.40 and I got an offer from the Hong Kong City University for its bachelor of arts (honor) in marketing program.”

But she chose to study in Switzerland instead.

“Allowing me to continue my studies in my third year in Switzerland is a factor that made me choose Swiss Hotel Management School,” said Yeung.

“The programs are flexible to fit in as the subjects are an extension from my second year in Hong Kong. Moreover, the important thing is internship. We have one mandatory internship between the two semesters so I could choose to work at a world-class hotel.

Tracy Chan, director of Swiss Education Group, Hong Kong, Macau and PRC, said: “As SHMS sees the trend of more students studying for associate and self-financing degrees, the school allows students to apply for credit transfer or exemption.

“That allows students to directly study from the second or third year in Switzerland.”

The four other schools under Swiss Education Group – the Cesar Ritz Colleges, the Culinary Arts Academy, Hotel Institute Montreux and IHTTI School of Hotel Management – also allow a possible credit transfer.

“Any student who is a graduate from or is studying for a higher diploma or associate degree under the Hong Kong government, is eligible to apply for credit transfer, no matter if the subject is related to hospitality management or not,” said Chan.

The group will examine each case individually and come up with a period that the student has to study.

“We will base it on the relevance of higher diploma/associate degree courses with the Swiss school’s courses; and whether the applicant has gone through any internship, the internship format and length will all be under taken into consideration.”

She said that the higher the relevance, the better chance that the applicant will study for a shorter period.

And an internship experience might exempt a compulsory internship requirement.

The five schools under the Swiss Education Group, including SHMS, will be holding a Swiss Information Day at Tsim Sha Tsui Silvercord Tower 1 on October 20 from 1pm to 4pm.

A representative from the group will talk about Swiss higher education and entrance requirements. High school students and undergraduates who want to pursue a master’s degree are also welcomed.


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