SHMS-IHTTI Caux Campus
Virtual Open Day


Take a virtual tour around Swiss Hotel Management School & IHTTI School of Hotel Management Caux campus with Academic Director, Jeroen Greven

At SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School – IHTTI School of Hotel Management (SHMS – IHTTI), we are very pleased to offer you a remarkable educational experience. with several decades of combined experience, coupled with innovative and inspiring programmes and industry-experienced lecturers, students will graduate ready to succeed in the competitive and rapidly changing world of hospitality management.

Our students are hosted on two campuses: Caux and Leysin. The opportunity to discover the world of hospitality in two former palace hotels offers an exceptional learning environment for students. With SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, 21st century technology is blended seamlessly within these traditional surroundings to provide students excellence in education.

Our Bachelor’s degree now has 3 clear pathways to give you more options. The Hospitality and Hospitality & Event Management pathways are offered by SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School. The Hospitality & Design Management pathway is offered by IHTTI School of Hotel Management, the only Hospitality School in the world to be accredited by the Chartered Society of Designers.

Collaborative learning is a leading educational approach at SHMS – IHTTI, where students will share certain classes and work together on major events and banquets throughout the academic year.  Additionally, leading industry partnerships ensure that courses are relevant to fully prepare students for their internships and beyond.

Our 2020 / 2021 Academic year is lining up to be the most exciting one yet and we look forward to you joining us!

Jeroen Greven & Jaco Von Wielligh 
Co-Academic Directors 
Swiss Hotel Management School – 
IHTTI School of Hotel Management