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瑞士直擊﹗SHMS 25th Anniversary Banquet

為慶祝SHMS瑞士酒店管理大學 25周年盛事,大學二年級BA2的同學們合力籌辦了一場精彩的主題宴會﹗看看以下影片,你就會更明白同學如何應用酒店管理和宴會管理知識,籌辦一場出色的主題宴會。

我們還邀請到來自香港的同學 Lenora,她擔任今次宴會的Entertainment Manager,讓她跟大家介紹這晚的歌舞表演,如何為超過80位師生賓客,演繹25年來各種經典金曲。重頭戲是,今次特意安排在上主菜的環節,由廚師親自走到台前,在賓客面前擺盤(Food plating),令大家眼前一亮。


Entertainment Manager 香港同學 Lenora分享

瑞士升學諮詢日 (6月1日至2日)

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of SHMS, the first BA2 banquet of this semester by class 2-1 and 2-2 was themed around the anniversary alongside with hit musical-dancing performances of the past 25 years such as the musical Cats, movie Grease and the Disney classic Aladdin.

The students utilizes their experiences and knowledge gained from their internships and in school to orchestrate their banquets for more than 80 guests. This banquet also made history by making the serving of main course a performance, with their chefs going on stage then towards to back area, and then have the whole team plating the dishes in front of the eyes of the guests.

SHMS 25th Anniversary Banquet


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