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媒體報道: Key to putting smiles on faces

(The Standard) Cindy Yeung's fondest memory from her internship "She mentioned my name and said that I gave her a happy moment," said the third-year student of Swiss Hotel Management School. She spent two years obtaining an associate degree in hospitality management in Hong Kong...


瑞士交流及全球實習計劃 WSE

Open Your World to New Possibilities. 愉快學習,放眼世界,享受精彩人生,才是年輕人所追尋的生活哲學。結合 Exchange Program 和 Working Holiday 兩者於一身的 瑞士實習交流計劃(IES),日期長短由你決定,讓你體驗海外工作、感受異國文化特色、享受悠閒假期,結識不同國籍朋友……

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