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Creating Learning Opportunities

For the last 10 months all industries across the globe have learnt to adapt and adjust to a new normal. Like most industries, the hospitality industry continues to look for ways to not only survive but thrive. Third year students… READ MORE

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From Dream To Career

At the Five Senses Restaurant in Nairobi Kenya, different aromas fill the inviting space as Chef Kimani Kiarie, and owner of this family-run establishment, works his magic in the open plan kitchen. For Kim, food is more than a ….  READ MORE

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4 Reasons Why Play Is Crucial To Learning

Albert Einstein once declared that “play is the highest form of research”, and modern neuroscience has proved that the great theoretical physicist was right…   READ MORE

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Katy Tam – Hospitality Event: Concours Mondial de Bruxelle

Katy talks about studying for the Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Events Management programme at Swiss Hotel Management School. She explains that the programme offers students the opportunity to practically organise real events for international guests such as the World of Hospitality event for an international wine competition: Concours Mondial de Bruxelle. As well as having the chance to network with industry experts to gain further insights into the hospitality and events industry.

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